Hotel Dália in Košice is one of the first ecological hotels in Slovakia. 

"We understand that each contribution to the protection of our environment is a contribution to our future. Our goal is to minimize waste production and use innovative technologies that will help our employees and our guests to conserve energy and protect water resources. " says Dagmar Amrichová, general manager of the hotel.

Eco-friendly Hotel Dalia was awarded by the European eco-label

Many years of ecological direction of the Hotel commended the Ministry of Environment awarded the European Ecolabel "EU Ecolabel" in 2011. Hotel implements a plan of environmental activities in which motivates its employees and guests to actively participate in environmental protection. Environmental activities are focused accommodation in addition to the conference, where the hotel has introduced a Green Meetings program.

Since the hotel opened in 2001 were environmental activities such as waste separation, recycling and composting part of the operation. Ing. Rastislav Amrich: "Hotels are a major polluter of the environment, which is related primarily to the production amount of waste eg. Of disposable products of bathroom cosmetics and miniature packages of breakfast accessories such as jam, butter and the like. In addition, there is the hotel has a high consumption of energy and water. The Eco Friendly Hotel we had set a target to minimize the generation of waste and to install innovative technologies that help conserve energy and water resources. "

Eco friendly Hotel

The hotel used energy efficient light bulbs and 100% recycled office paper, the summer months provide heating panels, disposable packaging of bathroom cosmetics have been replaced by organic cosmetics certified by the European Eco label.

Offer a breakfast menu has been expanded by a healthy organic foods. The hotel are distributed bins for sorting waste, so that the guests could actively involved in the separation.

Dagmar Amrichová, hotel director: "I am happy to state that our clients appreciate this effort and perceived environmental activities of the hotel is very positive."

Why to be eco?

The hotel invites its guests to participate in environmental activities at home or in the workplace. Rastislav Amrich: "To protect nature we can help everyone, and often times it is worth just a little effort and finance in addition. It is difficult to establish in a separate waste and use of recycled office paper. Manufacture of paper from recycled fibers Not only it protects the woods, but it pollutes the air and 74% less water and 35% less than the production of wood. "